Tornado.Cash BSC Deployment Proposal

It’s Time To Dive: Help Deploy Tornado on BSC!

To that end, Tornado’s contracts are finished and ready to spread their wings. They just need a little push from the community to take off and be set free on BSC (fyi, the rhyme is intended).

Hello BSC, Here We Come!

  • As the Binance Smart Chain allows a higher number of transactions per second than the Ethereum blockchain, the gas price is cheaper. On June 7th, the average paid gas price on BSC was 6.8 Gwei (vs. 24.5 Gwei on the Ethereum Blockchain). If we keep in mind that the ETH gas price is particularly lower these days, the Binance Smart Chain has a significant comparative advantage.
  • BSC represents a network of more than 75m unique addresses, increasing by roughly 100–200 per day. With such a network, around 5m daily transactions are currently going through BSC. Mid-May, this number nearly reached 12m daily transactions.



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Tornado Cash

Tornado Cash

Non-custodial private transactions on Ethereum.