Tornado Cash Classic UI is now Open Source

Tornado Cash
2 min readJul 7, 2022


By making our Tornado Cash Classic UI open source, our DAO takes a huge step towards transparency.

📢 BREAKING NEWS: Tornado Cash Classic UI is now completely OPEN-SOURCE!

Ever wanted to dig in Tornado Cash Classic UI’s code? If so, well, your time has finally come! Anyone can read up & analyze the current UI of Tornado Cash Classic pools. Moreover, you can make a pull request to improve the project. Yes, you can… and we hope that you will. You *just* need to have some coding skills & few design ideas. 🤓 🎨 💻

Technically speaking, you can fork the given repository ( as you wish to, modify its code, improve it with new features & make a pull request when you are done! You could even come up with a whole new cool design! The repository is under MIT License.

NB: this news only deals with Tornado Cash Classic UI (a.k.a fixed-amount pools).

Turning a UI open source requires a lot of upstream work. Indeed, it is necessary to perform several audits before releasing the code publicly to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities.

Before that awesome news, the UI was already decentralized. Indeed, an open source command line tool and a minified version are available since 2020, allowing anyone to interact with Tornado Cash smart contracts and launch an UI easily.
In addition, the official UI is accessible from several IPFS mirrors:

Tornado Cash Classic UI is now fully open source 💫

Anyone can fully invest in the community effort by contributing their development skills and allow our protocol to grow and ultimately help improve the lives of millions of cryptonauts. Each one is master of his work & can do whatever one pleases to do. Tornado Cash has never been so much in the hands of its community. We are thrilled to see the outcomes of this release.

Before leaving you to your keyboards & your creative minds, we would like to thank the Tornado Cash community for their support. Now more than ever, the crypto ecosystem needs to continue working on privacy and decentralization.

Remember — no one can stop Tornado Cash. It will remain forever unstoppable, secured, decentralized and censorship-resistant.

Written by the WUTornado Team (ayefda & bt11ba)