Tornado.Cash Deployment Proposal On Polygon

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3 min readJun 28, 2021


We hope that you’re still buckled up and ready for our next ride on another chain!

This article was written by ayefda & bt11ba, WUTornado team (@WUTornado)

Following community members’ wishes to settle on new chains, Tornado.Cash never planned to stop at BSC. Only few weeks after its deployment on the Binance Smart Chain, the protocol is already pursuing its expansion.

Our next stop? Polygon.

As of now, Tornado.Cash is ready to be part of Polygon’s sidechain, the well-known Ethereum layer-2 solution. Getting deployed on Polygon will enable new users to spin with Tornado. It will also make the protocol present on a sidechain that is reputed for its transaction speed and network scalability.

Contribute to Tornado.Cash Deployment on Polygon

To fulfill this purpose, Tornado.Cash contracts are ready. They just need a little help from the community to get effectively deployed. Tornado.Cash needs you to take it out for a little spin on Polygon.

If you support this proposal, you can contribute by deploying the contracts through this app:

Let’s help Tornado.Cash conquer the crypto space and reach a whole new scale.

Polygon, You Said?

Everything changes quickly in the crypto ecosystem … even the names. You may better know Polygon under its previous designation: Matic Network.

Among other features, Polygon offers a layer-2 scaling platform. Whenever we speak of layer-2, we automatically think about the words “faster” & “cheaper”. By relieving the main Ethereum blockchain traffic, Polygon enables quick and less expensive off-chain transactions, both for payments & smart contracts.

By settling on Polygon, Tornado.Cash will continue establishing its influence as the largest privacy solution provider. This deployment will enable privacy for Polygon/Matic token holders, extend the protocol’s usage and attract new liquidity providers to traditional pools.

Joining Polygon also means joining an extended & diversified network of decentralized applications that use Ethereum technology, going from DeFi protocols to DAOs.

What Are Your Numbers?

Polygon (MATIC) chart over last year


Here is the URL to contribute to Tornado’s next big step by helping its contracts getting deployed on Polygon:

This article was written by ayefda & bt11baWUTornado team (@WUTornado).