Integrates Chainlink Gas Price Oracle Live on Mainnet

We are excited to announce that we have launched an open-source library that Ethereum developers can use to get the current gas price for their dApp. It automatically uses the Chainlink gas oracle as the default reference price when the off-chain APIs do not or cannot respond. It’s currently live and integrated into the Tornado Cash UI for calculating a user’s recommended gas fee. requires users to pay gas fees when making deposits, as well as for relayer services when making withdrawals. Currently, our UI relies on one of four off-chain API endpoints as gas price feeds for calculating a user’s recommended gas fee. These include EthGasStation, Gas Oracle, Etherchain, and POA’s GasPrice.

However, many people use in combination with the TOR network to bring greater privacy guarantees by hiding their IP addresses. All four gas price feeds host their web APIs using Cloudflare, and Cloudflare automatically blocks all traffic coming from the TOR network. This means that all four off-chain APIs will not return an updated gas price for anyone using TOR to access

By integrating Chainlink, we have developed a reliable fallback solution for these scenarios. Chainlink uses a decentralized network of node operators to provide a consistently updated gas price that’s stored directly on-chain.’s UI will automatically default to referencing Chainlink’s Gas Price Reference oracle in situations when all four off-chain API providers fail to respond. The feature is currently in use on and readers can check our open-source library for the gas price oracle here.

Live Demo of The Integration

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