Tornado Cash Introduces Arbitrary Amounts & Shielded Transfers

First step: Diving into the pool 💰

A “Fund” section will allow you to deposit ETH within this new pool.

Intermediary step: Sending your tokens away 💸

A “Transfer” section will allow shielded transactions within the pool.

Last step: Leaving the pool anonymously 👋

The last but not least — a “Withdraw” section to pull your funds out of the pool.

Few other facts

  • As mentioned in the withdrawal section, Tornado Cash Nova will be using Gnosis chain (former xDAI) as a Layer-2 so that all related transactions are cheaper. The use of this L2 is possible thanks to the ETH <> WETH bridge available on xDAI.
  • Once deployed, all those contracts can be upgraded by the Tornado Cash governance. Indeed, the xDAI bridge supports the transfer of messages between the L1 & the L2.
  • As privacy still rhymes with accountability, a compliance tool will soon be available for all transactions made within this pool.
  • The code was audited by Zeropool. The audit report is available on Github.

Future Plans

An improved V3 of Tornado Cash is being currently prepared. This incoming version mainly focuses on enhancing users’ experience. Some handy new features are planned to bring more flexibility & possibilities to the use of the protocol.



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Tornado Cash

Tornado Cash

Non-custodial private transactions on Ethereum.