Tornado Cash Introduces Arbitrary Amounts & Shielded Transfers

First step: Diving into the pool 💰

Intermediary step: Sending your tokens away 💸

Last step: Leaving the pool anonymously 👋

Few other facts

  • As mentioned in the withdrawal section, Tornado Cash Nova will be using Gnosis chain (former xDAI) as a Layer-2 so that all related transactions are cheaper. The use of this L2 is possible thanks to the ETH <> WETH bridge available on xDAI.
  • Once deployed, all those contracts can be upgraded by the Tornado Cash governance. Indeed, the xDAI bridge supports the transfer of messages between the L1 & the L2.
  • As privacy still rhymes with accountability, a compliance tool will soon be available for all transactions made within this pool.
  • The code was audited by Zeropool. The audit report is available on Github.

Future Plans

Non-custodial private transactions on Ethereum.

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Tornado Cash

Tornado Cash

Non-custodial private transactions on Ethereum.

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