Is Finally Trustless!

What it means

From now on, is largely living by the precepts that code is law. The smart contracts are running on Ethereum and the community has the decision on whether or not to use our tools.

Decentralized UI is not just decentralized on the smart contract side. We’ve also moved to decentralize our user interface and site. We’re now using IPFS to deploy our UI at and have also published our minified UI repository Feel free to run it on your localhost.

Decentralized Relayers

We also do not control or have any role in relaying transactions. The relayer’s network is independent of our team and is set up by folks running a node by following the instructions here:

Decentralized Full Node RPC (Help Wanted)

If you run a full geth node and want to help, please provide your url to us so we can have RPC providers on our UI.

Future plans

We are still going to keep working on our next major version of v3.


Our goal always has been to do this the right way. We strive to provide users with software to preserve privacy and freedom, in compliance with FinCen regulations.



We wanted to give thanks to the Ethereum community for supporting us. We will continue to build software to enable widespread privacy on Ethereum and to do so in the right way.



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Tornado Cash

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