Tornado Cash New Decentralized Relayers Network

Tornado Cash Decentralized Relayers Network UI

As of now, anyone can become a relayer. The only condition to be included on the preferred list is to hold min. 300 TORN & go through the newly released Decentralized Relayers Network UI. The amount of the minimum stake can be changed by Tornado Cash governance at all time (as long as the changing proposal gathers enough `Yes` votes, of course).

How to Stake TORN?

Any TORN holder can lock their tokens into the Tornado Cash Governance contract to become a voter and earn a reward (proportionally to their stake).

How to Become a Relayer?

Tornado Cash community developers released a new Decentralized Relayers Network UI( to make the process easy & available to anyone who wants to join the network. As long as you meet the minimum amount of required TORN, this intuitive user interface will allow you to get registered as a Tornado Cash relayer in 6 steps & few clicks.
➡️ All the process is detailed on

Effects & Benefits

  • 🌐 The relayers network pushes Tornado.Cash towards more decentralization. This fact will never be emphasized enough.
  • ⭐️ This newly TORN distribution system will reward TORN voters. These voters are the community members that participate the most actively to the protocol’s governance, by voting on proposals & making possible the protocol’s continuous improvement & development.



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