version 2 has been released

ERC20 token support

Higher deposit limits

Withdrawals are now much cheaper

Relayer contest results

  • frelay.eth
  • sender.eth
  • poanet.eth
  • torelay.eth

ENS relayer addresses


Migration from the old version

Updated capacity

Trusted setup plans

  1. After Semaphore team finalizes the audit of circomlib zkSnark library, which depends upon, we will hold a relatively small Phase 2 ceremony for ~10 high profile crypto community members. In addition, after uploading the keys we will create a multisig or DAO that will have control of the key update. This should give us a sufficient level of trust.
  2. When Perpetual Powers of Tau reaches enough contributions, which we estimate to take a few months, we will hold a larger Phase 2 ceremony with more contributors. After updating verification keys with the results, we will permanently disable the key update functionality by transferring update permission to zero address, making the contract immutable.





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Tornado Cash

Tornado Cash

Non-custodial private transactions on Ethereum.